Slimjim Slushies- Green Apple Candy


Experience the Zest of Green Apple in Every Inhale! Our Green Apple Twist is a universal delight, adored by many and cherished by all. This isn’t just a flavor; it’s a celebration of freshness and zing. Embrace the essence of this classic treat, but with a twist that’s both delightful and guilt-free. It’s the kind of ‘candy’ that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also keeps your wellness in mind. Each pack comes with 32 flavor-infused papers, a testament to our dedication to quality and natural goodness. Made with the finest organic ingredients, our Green Apple Twist papers are crafted to offer a crisp, clean, and irresistibly fresh experience. Dive into the crisp world of green apple – where flavor meets the art of healthy indulgence.

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