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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis plants. It’s often used for its perceived health benefits.

No1 For CBD in Bangkok  MRS. CBD, heralds a wellness revolution, presenting a curated collection of premium CBD products.

Handpicked from Thailand’s elite manufacturers, each product at MRS. CBD embodies unparalleled quality, reflecting the brand’s commitment to marrying nature’s gifts with everyday wellness.

From therapeutic tinctures to sumptuous edibles and beauty essentials, MRS. CBD amplifies the profound benefits of CBD—be it in soothing anxiety, enhancing sleep, or pain management

Situated strategically beside the famed Kush House dispensary and the chic Emsphere mall, MRS. CBD beckons not just as a store, but as Bangkok’s epicenter for CBD enlightenment.

Whether you’re a cannabis aficionado or a seeker of holistic wellness, this hub offers an inviting ambiance to discover CBD’s myriad advantages. With thoughtfully planned parking solutions, the store ensures a smooth, uninterrupted journey into the world of CBD.

Dive deeper into the MRS. CBD experience online or immerse yourself in-store in Bangkok.

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